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Flight Information
Bhutan news

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Our services begin from the moment you decide on visiting this enchanted Himalayan realm. And we assure you that your visit, handled with our professionalism, will truly be a magical one. Try us and experience the best Bhutan has to offer.


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About Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked mountain kingdom, roughly the size of Switzerland, in the eastern Himalayas. The modern name of the country is derived from the Sanskrit word Bhu-Uttan (High Land). The Bhutanese, however, have always known it as Druk Yul. MORE

A Tsechu is a religious festival commemorating one of the great deeds in the life of Guru Rimpoche. Since most of the significant event in the Guru Rimpoches life are considered to have happened on the tenth day of a month according to the Bhutanese calendar, tsechus are celebrated on the tenth day of the chosen month.MORE

Cultural tours
Bhutan has a rich, distinctive and ancient Buddhist culture, which defines and inspires every facet of the life and art of the Bhutanese people. The Drukpa Kagyud has flourished pure and uninterrupted presenting the modern traveler a window to another world.
More detailed itinerary can be provided in PDF request by email. MORE

The amazing variety of Bhutans terrain provides treks for diverse interests ranging from short excursions, with easy walking to enjoy the flora, fauna, culture and scenic beauty to the most challenging treks in the entire Himalayas, such as the legendary Snowman Trek. MORE

Places Thimphu: At 2,350 m in the fertile valley of the Wang river, Thimphu is not all what one would expect of a capital city. Like the country which it commands, Thimphu is a town of dramatic contrasts and spectacular beauty. MORE

Country profile
Area: 46,500 square kilometers
Population: 0.6 million
Capital: Thimphu
Government: Presently constitutional monarchy, from 2008 parliamentary democracy
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism (Red Hat sect known as Drukpa Kagyupa)
Language: Dzongkha is the national language with other dialects spoken in different districts. English is also widely spoken.
Air Transit:
Druk Air the national airline operates throughout the week with flights to Delhi, Calcutta, Dhaka, Bangkok and Kathmandu.
Currency: The unit currency is Ngultrum
Nu. 1 = 100 Chetrums
Nu. 1 = 1 Indian Rupee
Nu. 46 = 1 US $ (as of July 2006)
Credits cards: American Express is accepted in standard hotels and a few handicraft stores.
Winter - December to February
Spring - March to May
Summer - June to August
Autumn - September to November

The best season to visit Bhutan is in spring and autumn


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