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With a reputation of providing top notch services that is highly personalized Sambara Tours and Treks is setting new standards in the Bhutanese tourism industry.

Our services begin from the moment you decide on visiting this enchanted Himalayan realm. And we assure you that your visit, handled with our professionalism, will truly be a magical one. Try us and experience the best Bhutan has to offer.


Things to do:
Trekking The amazing variety of Bhutan's terrain provides treks for diverse interests ranging from short excursions, with easy walking to enjoy the flora, fauna, culture and scenic beauty to the most challenging treks in the entire Himalayas, such as the legendary Snowman Trek.

Mountaineering Bhutan has the greatest number of virgin peaks in the Himalayas, including Gangkar Phuensum; at 7,500 m said to be the highest unclimbed peak in the world. Sambara Tours & Travels can help you organize an expedition to any of the few peaks open to climbers.

Rafting The swift waters of the many rivers that flow through Bhutan, in their journey from the snows to the sea, provide some of the most enthralling white water for rafting and canoeing for the experienced and the amateur.

Botanical tour Bhutan has a avifauna of over 616 species. Only recently has it opened up to visitors. Bhutan is the place to see a wide variety of birds that are impossible or difficult to spot anywhere else.

Unlike other Himalayan countries which suffer extensive deforestation and environmental degradation, Bhutan's richly diverse and beautiful forests are some of the best remaining forest habitats in the Himalayas. Over 72% of the land is still forested and 26% of the land is protected as National Parks! Bhutan is claimed to be the major part of the high bio-diversity conservation hotspot known as Eastern Himalayan hotspots.

Our botanical tour will enable you to see most of the 616 species recorded in Bhutan so far as the tour takes you right through the leading endemic bird areas of Bhutan. By the end of the trip you will come to understand how the Bhutanese people have harmonized with culture and the natural environment over the centuries. This itinerary of birding from west to east Bhutan can be done from spring, early summer and autumn.

Bird Watching The highlight of this trip is the Festival for the Endangered Black Necked Crane. By legend the cranes are believed to be the reincarnated souls of Lamas that come to pay homage at the monastery of Gangtey Gompa. Each year at the cranes return it is said that they circle the monastery three times before landing in the wetlands below. 

The Festival is sponsored each year by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature and the Phobjikha Valley community.

Meditation Many a fine Rimpoches (guru) are from Bhutan, with strong religious believes and traditions Bhutan is an ideal spot for a spiritual trip. Bhutan has hundreds of spots for the serious meditator and for the novice guidance is available.


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